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In the 3th decade of the 21st century, ID is coming into a whole new look

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Distinguished guests, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, Good morning!

Today 2021 World Industrial Design Conference is grandly opened. First of all, on behalf of Global Design Industry Organization and China Industrial Design Association, I’d like to extend my warm congratulations
to the opening of the Conference, my sincere gratitude to governments, organizations and experts including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shandong Provincial People’s Government, and
the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, who provide long-term support and contribute joint efforts to the Conference, and my sincere greetings to global designers attending the Conference both
online and offline.

World Industrial Design Conference was launched in 2015 by international design organizations, enterprises,universities and designers from over 30 countries and regions at the time.After five sessions, members from
more than 60 countries and regions have joined the Conference and initiated Global Design Industry Organization, which has become an international platform with important influence to promote the development
of design across the world.

This not only benefits from our consensus and cohesion in industrial design, but also because we have now turned our vision of development towards a stage that is people-oriented, pursuing ecology, and driven by
creating value for human society. Under this background, industrial design has been proved to be an important means to promote high-quality and sustainable development of economy and society. And it is increasingly
playing an unprecedented role and charm.

Nowadays, digital, intelligence and networks are forming the power to decide the future trends, the fastest and most intensive revolution and migration has been started.The original awareness is constantly being disrupted,
the exponential development of digital technology leads to emergence of various emerging industrial models like tidal waves, how shall we design our world and ourselves. Broad connectivity, supercomputing and digital
intelligence promote great changes of our environment.

Industrial design is currently located at the center of intersection in the three-dimensional world, namely, digital space, physical world and human society. Digital intelligence of design welcomes great opportunities and
challenges. Instead of relying on designers' inspiration and creativity in the past, with the motivation of Moore's Law, supercomputing enables real-time design with billions of objects at the same time, which instantly
satisfy demands for large-scale customized design.

From mass manufacturing to mass customization, from industrial production lines to modular virtual production, the brand new age of design arrives along with the technological revolution and industrial transformation!

In the current view of intelligent manufacturing, digital intelligent design will transform user demands into sets of commands for the supply chain and intelligent factories, integrating the entire product life cycle of design,
perception,decision making, implementation and service, etc. It realizes the super connection and the value transformation of user big data and mass customization, becoming an important engine and driving force of
intelligent manufacturing.

Science and technology revolution and industry revolution have brought us many new things.The fastest and most intensive revolution and migration has been started. Everything we have created in the past, the ideas we
have inherited, and the innovative methods and tools we control are facing redesign and construction. This is a new journey of reflection evolution and pursuit for beauty.

In this great revolution, traditional design can’t fully undertake this mission. Therefore, design is deeply integrated with technology, industry, and culture. Since the birth of the industrial revolution, industrial design has
experienced continuous upgrading, extension and expansion. The theme of the Conference is “Design the Age of Digital Intelligence”. In the third decade of the 21st century, the development of industrial design will
inevitably present a new vision, and will open a new historical stage of digital intelligent design!

For today’s innovators, this is an incomparable challenge, opportunity and fortune! We are also very delighted to see that China and some world leading technology companies, industrial Internet, design institutions
and platforms have made breakthroughs in new design concepts, technologies, models, and applications. The national industrial design institutes promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will
also be officially released today!

World Industrial Design Conference and Global Design Industry Organization will also give full play to the international and global role and capabilities, actively promote cooperation and build innovation platform infrastructure,
and help all explorers, innovators and practitioners to win the future together!
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